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  1. American History
  2. Election Reform
  3. Immigration Reform
  4. Media Reform
  5. Social Security Reform
  6. Tax Reform

Dedicated to Exposing Corruption to Justify Reform

We Honor Thomas Paine, a Founding Father
    (3/6/24) ElectoralCollege.Org supports:
  • ratifying amendments to the Constitution by the popular vote at the state level and then changing the 12th Amendment to allocate each state's electoral college votes according to the popular vote instead of one vote per state.
  • a national USID for every U.S. citizen and legal resident of the United States
  • a census count based on the bona fide resident population with USIDs
  • limiting elections at all levels of government to only U.S. citizens with USIDs
  • a new Social Security old-age pension system in which all actuarial benefits will be proportional to inflation-adjusted contributions
  • the existing Social Security system by taxing all earned and unearned income not currently subjected to the payroll tax to fund non-actuarially justifed benefits (essentially the Federal Assistance Benefits defined in the SSA of 1935)
  • reducing the National Debt of $34 trillion by:
    • restricting family-based immigration to only the children and spouses of U.S. citizens and legal residents
    • limiting the amount that can be contributed to all tax-free savings accounts and restricting the contributions to cash in U.S. dollars and the investments to publicly traded securities and U.S. dollars
    • imposing an inflation-adjusted maximum amount that can be accumulated in all tax-free savings accounts
    • limiting the use of trusts and foundations to reduce both the tax on capital gains and the tax on the value of the estate at death
    • limiting tax deductions to 501c3 organizations that aren't true charities
    • not allowing immediate charitable deductions to Donor Advised Funds
    • .

Welcome to ElectoralCollege.Org (3/6/24)

Our primary objective is to increase the standard of living for all legal residents and citizens of the United States through a common-sense tax system. This system is intended to appeal to those of us who have been taxed without representation. ElectoralCollege.Org was founded in 2004 to help publicize a still-to-be-defined tax system and to create a more representative political system. This tax system came to be basically defined in mid-January 2020. And then Covid-19 hit.

Everything was placed on hold. Investing became our first priority until 2023. We'll stop now to turn to more pressing matters, and that is, the presidential election in November. It now appears that the two major issues will be Democracy and Immigration. If conditions don't dramatically change at the border, Immigration will trump Democracy, and Trump will win.

Later, we will hone in on why we need not only a new tax system, but also on amendments to the U.S. Constitution to modify how amendments are ratified and to replace the 12th Amendment to achieve what the majority of the northern members of the committee that proposed the Electoral College wanted. Unfortunately, our cousin Pierce Butler (9c5) from South Carolina is mainly responsible for the Electoral College we currently have. The husband of another cousin was Elbridge Gerry (h9c5) who agreed with Pierce Butler while on the committee to propose how the president should be elected. He is better known as the governor of Massachusets, who in 1912 approved the election district that was drawn by ElkanahTisdale (4c4) for the Boston Gazette as a salamander and coined later as a "Gerrymander" by poet Richard Alsop (3c7). Our proposals to the Constitution are intended to overcome the corruption of gerrymandering in presidential elections.

Joe Biden Should Retire (4/29/24)

It is time for him to do what President Johnson did, and what Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg failed to do. On March 31, 1968. President Johnson announced near the end of his speech "I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president."

Here are five reasons to seek an alternative to Biden (3/7/24)

  • his advanced age and obvious decline in perspicacity (ability to quickly understand and make the right decisions)
  • his open southern border policy that encourages asylum-seekers, refugees. and illegal aliens
       -This policy has caused former Democrats to now favor Trump
       -He recently visited Brownsville, TX.
       --founded in 1848 by Simon Mussina (1c4) and Charles Stillman (9c3).
  • his support for Benjamin Netanyahu, in spite of Netanyahu's opposition to a homeland for the Palestinian people
       -Being anti-Netanyahu will be for peace between Israel and Gaza.
       -The U.S. tax code supports both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian organizations
       --The U.S. tax treaty with Israel
       --U.S. charities support Israeli settlements in the West Bank
  • his vice president Kamala Harris, who could become president
  • his corruption in enabling Hunter Biden to profit from questionable deals.

Here are some suggestions to help Democrats retain the presidency and defeat Trump (2/9/24)

  • find a new candidate who can appeal to moderate democrats and republicans
    • possibly one who is being considered to run as the No Labels candidate
    • a current or present Democrat governor
    • a candidate who will disclose his or her tax return
    • a supporter of abortion rights and an assault weapons ban
    • a supporter of a common sense immigration policy that includes reimbursing states and hospitals
    • a supporter of Tax Reform to protect Social Security and Medicare
  • continue to work with some Republicans to enact H.R. 2, Secure the Border Act of 2023.
    • Review the Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate to see what the bill proposes and costs.
      Note that the CBO estimate only includes the estimated net cost to the federal budget for 10 years and ignores the net savings that state and local taxpayers will realize if the legislation is enacted.
    • It appears that Trump and his oxymoron Trump patriots in the House don't want to change the policy now.
    • Biden should announce in his State of The Union Speech a new restrictive border policy
    • Remember what Ronald Reagan said "A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation."
    • Reject Senator Chris Murphy's statement that the Democrats care most about undocumented Americans.
  • propose legislation to reimburse non-sanctuary states for their costs incurred to support asylum seekers, refugees. and illegal aliens
    The average annual per pupil cost of public education varies from a low in Utah of around $8,000 to over $25,000 in many industrialized states.
  • work with the governments of the countries that are the source of the border-crossing immigrants to improve safety and living conditions in their home countries
    This could include working with U.S. charities that provide services in these countries and establishing sanctuary areas.
  • request the Treasury Department study how the current tax code enables very wealthy individuals to legally avoid paying taxes.
    • The study would be similar to the study announced in 1969 by Treasury Secretary Joseph Barr that revealed no federal income tax was paid in 1967 on 155 returns with adjusted gross incomes of more than $200,000.
    • Focus on one of the most corrupt provisions in the Code - the Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy. Our new tax law would close this loophole and severely tax those who have used it.
         coming later a white paper will disclose how the Backdoor Roth IRA became one of the most corrupt Code provisions and what can be done to correct it.

A Proposal to Save Social Security (2/18/24)

  • All federal assistance should be funded from general tax revenue. The intent of the Social Security Act of 1935 was to provide funds from general tax revenues to the states to cover the blind, surviving spouses and dependents.
      The simplist and fairest way to save Social Security is based on these principles:
    1. secure the current promise of Social Security to provide Federal Assistance to surviving spouses and dependents.
    2. use general tax revenues to cover the federal assistance benefits that are now included in Social Security.
    3. do not expand the promise of benefits within Social Security.
    4. minimize intergeneration transfers by taxing gifts and estates.
    5. change the benefit formula of old-age benefits to insure that benefits are proportional to contributions
    6. exclude disability benefits from Social Security,
      Disability is more appropriate to be considered as a health condition. The cost of disabilities that are related to military service should be funded by the Veterans Administration.
  • Do you know how the current asylum-seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants are threatening the viability of our entitlement programs? That's Biden's biggest mistake and now his legacy. Do you know what the costs of anchor babies are? The CBO doesn't tell us unless if affects their 10-year federal budget projections. Do you know how both political parties and the Supreme Court have created incentives for poor immigrant familes to come here?
  • Are you aware of the Republican Party's barbell tax strategy of increasing the child tax credit at the same time they are rewarding their mega donors with income and estate tax cuts, the backdoor Roth IRA, Donor Advised Funds, perpetual Dynasty Trusts, Opportunity Zones, and the Qualified Business Income Deduction. They have created tax benefits with the help of Democrats to reduce the payroll taxes that help fund Social Security and Medicare.
  • Our goal in reforming Social Security will attempt to provide benefits that are actuarially proportional to your contributions. To accomplish this goal will be to focus on increasing the tax on capital gains, trusts, the Roth IRA, gifts and estates. State and local government already impose property taxes on real estate. A few states impose taxes on intangible property like stocks, bonds, mortgages, copyrights, and patents. A more practical way is to impose a tax on assets at the time there is a transfer of ownership The only exemption from this tax at the time of realization and recognition might occur when assets are transfered between spouses.

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